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Harrow Hill III, Oil


Sunday 20th July 2014

Runs to 14th September.

Keith Vaughan, born in 1912, was a much respected artist and a significant figure who took his own life in 1977. He was very much part of the London scene, particularly in the 1950s and 60s, involved with other artists like Graham Sutherland, John Minton, and Macbryde and Colquhoun - who, as it happened, had also lived in north west Essex earlier from l950 to 1954. Vaughan was recommended to come to the locality in 1964 by his friend Michael Ayrton, who told him of some derelict cottages in his village, Toppesfield, which Vaughan then renovated. Although he used the property - Harrow Hill - largely on a weekend basis it was significant in his work, particularly in his increasingly abstract portrayal of the landscape. Interestingly an analysis of his work during this period shows a very high proportion that were directly attributable to the Essex scene - the 'small, compact, unspectacular landscape, combining much of the three elements of air, earth and water - within a space not so large as I couldn't walk round it in half an hour' as he put it.
This exhibition has been specially devised to reflect the influence of north west Essex on Vaughan by showing 'Essex work'. Vaughan enjoyed relaxing in the Essex countryside where he could explore the constant changes in the natural world and the open sky as a contrast to his life in London. He was also interested in the juxtaposition of geometric shapes provided by vernacular architecture. Many of his later paintings can be traced back to photographs that he took in Essex whilst living at Harrow Hill.
There will be a special booklet for sale written by Gerard Hastings, the well known author of several books about Vaughan, copies of which are on sale in the Gallery

Saffron Walden Church, linocut by Edward Bawden

Ecclesiastical Delights

Sunday 21st September 2014

Runs to 26th October

From the Permanent Collection of over 2500 items, fifty have been selected for the exhibition. One of the highlights is a large linocut by Edward Bawden showing Saffron Walden Parish Church during the restoration of the spire being battered by a thunderstorm, and a poster for the Saffron Walden Festival in 1975. There will also be photographs of church monuments by Edwin Smith, and a collage by Olive Cook of Sicilian votive offerings. The catalogue includes an introduction by Ronald Blythe, author of "Akenfield" and twenty-seven other books..

Annual Exhibtion and Sale by Invited Artists

Saturday 8th November 2014

ends Sunday 9th November